Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fall makes everything better

The good news is, I work from home. So unless I run out to check the mail or water the plants, I won't know that it's 92 degrees outside. This might be the exact definition of denial. Perhaps. Don't care :)

The fall decorations couldn't have come out at a better time. There's this "thing" I have in my foyer that's been an eyesore since we moved in. It's a beautiful piece of furniture, but it just wasn't working for the space. Do you ever have pieces like that? And to complicate things even more, it's a family piece so it can't [read: Hubs doesn't want it to] be painted or altered in anyway. It just needed some light sprucing. Buuuut, every time I thought about it I was like mmm don't feel like it. Thanks for asking. Maybe next time.

Then it happened. Labor Day Weekend. And I was like wait, what? I need somewhere to put my bowl full of acorns? Okay! You see where I'm going with this? I figured you might :)

The task at hand:

See how I thought it would be okay as long as SOMETHING was on top. Pitful.

Step 1:

Get hype.

Step 2:

Prep the materials: burlap ($2/yd), Dollar Tree pumpkins (spray painted white), candle thingies (Goodwill finds + superglue) and ball thingies ($2/each with a Pier 1 gift card)

Step 3:

Fluff up your wreath and salvage the frame from the Clown Incident.

Step 4:


Oh, glorious day :)

Hooray for Fall! Link up to the party at The Inspired Room!


  1. I too love glorious days! YOu did a lovely job remaking the eyesore so to speak...however it wasn't really an eyesore, it was just NEKKKED! You did a remarkable job clothing it, making it lovely and now not so embarassing!
    Enjoyed your post :~}

  2. It looks so pretty. I did a fall mantle and I love using natural decor liek your "ball thingies". Good job.

  3. Oh glorious day. Indeed! It really looks lovely now and oh so ready for fall!!

    Nice to meet you and thanks for joining the party!

  4. Very nice! I love the wreath in the frame.

  5. So pretty. You did a great job!

    Partying with you at Melissa's.

  6. I'm loving this Fall style you have!! So chic and creative! I'm happy to be your newest follower of your delightful blog and I'd love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! I'd also like to invite you to link your wonderful creations up at my weekly party, Fabulous Friday Finds, every Friday! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  7. I'm a new follower from the Fall Nesting Party at The Inspired Room!

    Your blog is wonderful and I'm so glad I found it.

    Happy Fall & nice to meet you!

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  8. Turned out so nice. I really like your blog.

  9. Smiling at my end. Love your writing style and that desk has some great lines. I kind of get your husbands reluctance but maybe you could show him some pictures of other, older pieces that have been painted. But then again, I am a hypocrite because I have a piece in my living room that is taunting me that is in great shape and older and I can't seem to take the plunge. :)
    Thanks for the heads up on the Dollar Tree pumpkins. Guess where I'm headed.

  10. Love the wreath in a frame, think I might just have to copy your look! It looks great. Happy Fall!

  11. What a wonderful idea to put a frame around a wreath! Gives it more oomph! A win-win, if you ask me--good for the frame, and good for the wreath. And good for you, too! :)

  12. That looks so good! I LOVE the wreath in the frame! It all came together perfectly. Thank you for linking up to my Friday link party! See you next week!

  13. LOVE it!!! Thanks SO much for joining in on Thrilling Thursdays @ Paisley Passions. I hope to see you again next week :)
    ~Lori S.
    Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

  14. that looks great, i love that you used the burlap as the table cover. definitely fall!

  15. that looks great, i love that you used the burlap as the table cover. definitely fall!


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