Wednesday, September 8, 2010

awwww, you guys!

I just saw that my little hit counter spilled over 2,000! Now I don't know exactly what that means, but I like it :) I've been writing this little bloggy-blog for about a month and I can't believe how much fun I'm having. It was never meant to be a money generator and I think that's taken a lot of the yucky out and allowed me to just enjoy the community of it all. I get so much joy out of reading about your ideas and creations and babies and decorations and recipes. And then copying it all. I mean, I really love it. It's like when I get my Southern Living in the mail. Only better, because it happens every day instead of every month. And because you're real people, not rich professional people.

And...I love being able to show off my goods :) I was going to say "share," but let's be honest. We like to blog because we like other people to tell us that they heart our spraypainted creation. Don't lie, you know it's true. I'm also super, uber in love with writing, even if it is only about those sweet shutters on my mantel. So this is like a total win-win for me.

Based on the stats on my stalker-device [technical, I know] about half of the people that visit the old blog are return visitors. So thanks to you, my dear friends. You should click on over to the right and follow me so I can know who you are and see your pretty faces any time I want. Or stay anonymous, whatevs.

Anywhooey, this is just a holler back at all you ladies [and my dad] who actually care to read all of this. It makes me love it even more. In a non-prideful, totally humble kind of way. Duh.


  1. I'm loving the blog and my friends love it too.. I've forwarded it. We have plans to make a wreath and drink wine in the coming weeks!

  2. I feel the same way. I check my blogger now more than I check my facebook. (Gasp!) haha. I love seeing what new ideas everyone has.

  3. You know I love reading your blog. I have you in my google reader. yay! :)

  4. You know I stalk your blog every day and get sooo excited to see what you come up with - so I can go copy it! But now I'm officially a follower! YAY! <3

    p.s. you have WAY more patience than me ... I'm still working on that little bugger of a rag wreath! :)


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