Wednesday, September 22, 2010

another sassy apron

Can you tell I'm on an apron kick?

Let me tell you about my sewing machine. We've been on the outs for a while. I never could figure out how to keep it from being my worst nightmare, so I stopped using it. Then I got a determination streak and decided it Turns out I wasn't setting it up correctly :)

Now that I realize that I'm not a complete failure, I'm getting more and more comfortable with it and all I want to do is sew. Much to my husband's dismay.

Sorry, love.

The last time, I used a pattern and decided that patterns are for the birds. Could those tissue-thin things BE any more annoying? [Chandler fans, anyone?] This time, I did it myself. Thankyouverymuch. My pattern? An apron I already had!

Lay it on your fabric of choice and cut around it. Do the same thing again on another piece of fabric for the back. You can't tell here, but the back is yellow. Sew the two pieces together, turn it inside out, add some ribbon for the ties and you are done, sir, done!

I even added a cutie little rosette, because that's how I roll.

Do you love it??

Sometimes I like to here to see where I link!


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  2. wobbled over from Loving your blog - looking forward to learning and seeing some great ideas. Love the apron!

  3. Following you via Welcome Wednesday. Hope you will follow me too @

  4. Very cute apron! I am now following you, look forward to checking out your blog more! Found you from Take It From Me, Welcome Wednesday.

  5. I love it!
    I recently recieved The "Versatile Blogger" award, and I want to give one to you on my blog! I linked to your site. To accept, please visit

  6. Hi! I'm your newest follower via Welcome Wednesday!

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  7. okay WHOA how were you not setting it up correctly?! did we not take it apart umpteen times, then put it back together, then try a different way to wrap the thread, then run it with the door open, then wind the thread another way...?

  8. oh sorry and btw that's def my favorite fabric...jealous!

  9. Hi! I teach with Laura and found your blog through hers! I love, love , love your aprons...among many other things I have seen on your blog. I am thinking that since I know your sister in law, I should also possibly receive one of these sassy aprons for Christmas!! ;o)
    Looking forward to what you do next!

  10. Love the apron. I have only been making waist aprons, I need to start making full ones.

  11. Congrats on the sewing machine fix! They can really be a thorn in your side if not set up properly. And you seem to be off and running! Well done! Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link.

  12. Oh wow!!! I LOVE this! the pattern is fabulous!


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