about me

Hey there, I'm Page. Welcome here :)
I have to tell you folks, I'm a happy girl. I'm married to a Navy man and we're living a seemingly chaotic life - but it's perfect for us, you know?

I love to spruce things up - add some flair, if you will.
I adore fabric, especially when I can use it without running my sewing machine.
Organization is my friend. Don't laugh, but it's my favorite stress-reliever.
I love decorating with plants, but only if they don't require a lot of water. Lazy? Yes.
Cooking is also my friend. I really can't believe how much I love to read a cookbook.
I'm educating myself on "whole" living and I will never.be.the.same.
My real favorite color is purple. My practical favorite color is green. I just decided that.

But for real though, this crazy Navy life of stop and go is teaching me this: I'm developing a love for all things thrifty. Meals, decorating, general housekeeping - how can I do it on the cheap? I may be going a little overboard with this personal challenge to save money and still have fun, but the hub LOVES it. And will humor me because I only spent $2 on that revamped plant stand. Hollerrrr. And I love this blog because I can talk all about that sort of thing (with the most girly colors ever) because it's my blog and I do what I want.

The truth is, I'm excited about being able to take a new house in a new town, umpteen times in the next umpteen years, and turn it into a home. And bring life - our life - into this place. And you better believe it'll be thrifty, nifty and wise...
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