Tuesday, August 31, 2010

where I blog

Two posts in one day, say whaaaat?! I couldn't resist getting in on this party with the Centsational Girl. I also didn't want to miss a chance to show off my living room again :) Because, let's be honest. Do I blog at some fancy desk? Nope. I do it with a puppy curled up at my feet from the comfort of my IKEA Ektorp.

Does it look like that when I blog? Nope. Picture me in sweatpants with crazy hair and no make-up. With either HGTV or ESPN on the television. And the ottoman is covered with junk important stuff that I haven't put away yet.

When I'm feeling especially motivated, I'll blog at my new desk. I haven't put the finishing touches on it, but when I do I'll let you know. For now, you'll just have to take a yucky iPhone pic to hold you over. [Because clearly, I used all of my motivation to get up here and there's none left to go back downstairs and get my real camera.]

Isn't that a beautiful seat cushion? I found it at World Market and I may or may not have planned my entire desk around that one thing. And those shoes are cute, too, aren't they? I know you spotted them under there :)

There you have it, folks. That's where I blog. Once I fancify this desk [read: hide the cords, move the printer, get rid of the clutter] maybe I'll blog here more often.

Psssshhhh, not unless I get the DVR up here first!


  1. Awesome! I looove that cushion print too! Happy Blogging! XOXO

  2. Ha! The desk looks good to me. I need a laptop! Then, I can blog on my couch, too. Looks comfy!

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