Tuesday, August 17, 2010

evolution of a living room

When The Boy and I first got married, I had just moved out of my college apartment where my room was painted a nice color in the purple family. I had a big fluffy comforter, a body pillow [affectionately known as Fernando] and the most romantic poster I could find adorned to my wall. I decorated like a girl.

When we got hitched and moved into our first apartment, I was overwhelmed with the opportunity of adopting a new style - one that worked for both of us and represented us as Mr. and Mrs. One of my mother-in-law's favorite stories to tell is about a conversation that took place between hubby and me. We were talking about decorating and remodeling and I said, "I'm feeling the need to feather my nest." To which he responded, with his finger to his brain like he was drilling it in, "Credit is a tool, credit is a tool." Needless to say, it's been in my blood to add flair to our lairs. And it's in his blood to guard and protect the checkbook [any Bachelorette fans out there??]

My inspiration for our first place was a set of Italian travel posters that I got online and framed with cheapo frames from Michaels. We painted the living room a beautiful, bold yellow and got all of our furniture from IKEA [the night before both familes were coming over for Mother's Day...oh hey, crazy.]

We loved this living room. It was perfectly us and we did it [for the most part] on the cheap.

Then we moved into a rental house [with a yard, for our high maintenance puppy] for about 7 months. At that point, we knew that a Navy move was likely on the horizon, so we knew this place was temporary. I didn't do much in the way of decorating. Except for hanging that painting over the fireplace.

And those Poinsettias? Don't be confused into thinking this was Christmas. It was actually late January. No motivation whatsoever.

And now here we are! In the most adorable Charleston rental you ever did see! I've been promising some folks pictures of our house for ohhhhh, months now? Since this room is almost done, I'll be rolling out some of the projects I've been doing around here and then...the big reveal :) Here's a sneak peak:

Hint: buh-bye dark furniture, hello white, light, bright and shiny happiness :)

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  1. Oh no you di'nt! Guard and protect the checkbook, huh? LOL! :P

    I need you to come help me decorate. I don't even know where to start. :( You can just ask your parents, I need help. haha


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