Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend recap: it all started with a wrong turn

Greetings, citizens! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, wherever you are. As I type, I'm rocking on my front porch watching a rain storm finish up. It's nice to take a breather and enjoy resting in something as simple as that, no?

Totally unrelated: we had dinner this weekend at a great Thai place downtown [thanks for the recommendation, Whitney!] and I'm totally obsessed with how cute it was. I'm a sucker for a good atmosphere. I think it makes the food taste better :)

Before I show you what I picked up this weekend, let me preface: I did some thrifting on Saturday morning, but wasn't terribly impressed with anything. The Boy was preoccupied with Navy things for the day, so I meandered around town, watched some HGTV and caught a little nap. By 5:30pm, I was feeling restless. I needed to hit the fabric store to make a return and stop by AC Moore for a few things and since it's in the same shopping center, I figured I'd run into the Dollar Tree to see if fall stuff was out yet any of their seasonal items were on clearance. That was the plan. I would be back by 7pm. We live about 25 minutes from said shopping center, so it's not a quick trip, but I was feeling good about it.

I got in the car and in my distraction to try and get the flippin' FM transmitter to work on my iPhone, I turned left out of our subdivision, instead of right. [Left is the direction of the grocery store, bless my heart.] Instead of turning around, I thought I could "follow my nose" to the interstate, but I haven't fully acclimated myself to this place and that was a big fat FAIL. By the time I realized that I needed my GPS, I was in the boonies, with no cell service and the GPS couldn't pick up my location. And I think I heard banjo music somewhere in the woods off the road. I drove and drove and drove until 40 minutes later, I was less than a mile from where I'd started, back in the right direction. Oh...and it was raining.

Did I mention that this shopping center is not in the most desirable of locations? One should definitely be packing heat before pulling in. Which helps with the get-what-you-need-and-get-out mentality. So it's 6:40pm and I park the car and run [in the rain] to the front door of Hancock. Only to see that they close at 6pm. If I hadn't turned left out of my stinkin' neighborhood in the first place, this wouldn't be a problem. And who closes at 6pm on a Saturday?? Un-BE-lievable. I muttered and grumbled, plowed through AC Moore and headed into Dollar Tree.

All of that to say, the trip was not a total flop. Because look at these cuties [all to be spray painted white]:

Don't judge! You know you want to buy stuff for fall.


Now listen, I know that everyone and their mom has blogged about these Dollar Tree birds, but I'm here to tell you that MY mom scored a set of these about a year ago. And I've been trying to find my own ever since. So this, my friends, is not just a bandwagon incident. At least not this time :)

By 7:30, I was a bit frustrated, but turned the evening around by talking my hubby into renting a movie [Valentine's Day - it's cute, if you haven't seen it!] and ordering a pizza. I was GROSS from the I-just-woke-up-from-a-nap-and-didn't-brush-my-hair-and-then-I-got-rained-on look, so I was pulling for delivery. But to save a buck, I agreed to pick it up on my way home. Good call, because when I stopped by the Italian restaurant [owned by hardcore Italians] the piano man winked at me, the owner called me Bella and some other guy gave me a coupon for a free bottle of wine for the next time we dine there. Maybe they felt sorry for me?

And who cares if they were all pushing 50? If THAT isn't a score, I don't know what is.


  1. I love those birds! I'm gonna find me some to paint too! I'm kind of obsessed with birds right now...maybe I'm a bandwagon fan, or maybe it'll stick with me, who knows. :)

  2. sometimes i think compliments from old [but not creepy] guys are the best, maybe because they don't feel as cheap. glad you had some positive spots in your day! don't load up on too much autumnal merchandise--we still have a hobby lobby day to plan.


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