Monday, August 2, 2010

this is where the magic happens

Welcome to my craft room. A real, honest-to-goodness craft room(/office). Sharing it with bookshelves and a desk isn't all that bad - just to have a place to spread out my junk potential masterpieces without losing it in the clutter is heaven. In every other house we've lived in, we had what started out as an office or a craft room and it inevitably turned into the catch-all room. What should I do with this bag of Goodwill stuff? Oh, just put it in the office. That makes sense. (Why we wouldn't just TAKE IT TO GOODWILL is beyond me, but that's me. I big giant put-er off-er.)

But I digress...welcome to my beautiful craft room! I feel good about this one. Allow me to show you around:

Isn't it happy? I love the quote on the wall - it inspires me to be patient :) The bulletin board is an old one I had that I just painted and covered in fabric and below that is a dry erase board I made out of a picture frame. All for my magazine clippings and various other inspirations. Don't mind the pile of bags and lampshades in the corner - that's just where I stash all my finds. It's my favorite corner in the house, to tell you the truth.

And that table has been one of the best investments we've ever made. It's the perfect size and so easy to fold up and use elsewhere (i.e. yard sales). I was feeling like it was a little boring, so I wrapped it in fabric. I didn't want it to be too permanent, in case I wanted to change it up or use the table for something else, so I had to get creative. I just tied yarn through little holes that I made around the edges and then tied the yarn pieces together, pulling it tight. Like so:

Eaaaaasy day (as my hubby's drill instructor used to say). As for all my "stuff," my crafty collection used to look like this:

Until I scored a sturdy little shelf at Lowes with a giftcard and now it looks like this:

Take a deep breath, everyone. That's much better, isn't it?

The other thing I love about this side of the room is that it's mine-all-mine and I can girly it up big time. With all the cutie little accessories I can find...

AND I like that I have space to keep my ironing board up all the livelong day. I hate unfolding and folding up an ironing board. I'd much rather toss something in the drier than iron it. Or take a hair straightener to it. Unfortunately, that doesn't work for fabric, so I make it as easy as possible by keeping it as a fixture. Although I did hate not having a convenient place for my ironing accessories (iron, spray starch, vase for filling iron with water, etc). Enter the ironing board caddy! Just tie some ribbon to a basket and then tie that to your ironing board. Voila!

So there it is, my friends. One of my favorite rooms in the house. It's good to have a little place of refuge, no? And because I'm never "finished" with a project, I'm on the hunt for a chair that I can cover with this:

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