Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the big reveal: my FAB living room

It's finally here, eeeeeeks! I really, really can't believe that after living here for three months, the living room is finished. And it's exactly what I didn't know I wanted. It's a big deal to me because in our first place, I thought decorating meant painting and hanging pictures on the wall. And a coffee table book. Always, have a coffee table book.

In our second house, I was waaay unmotivated and was like, psssshhhhh why should I decorate again? Then my hubby left me for 12 weeks for Navy OCS and I just wanted to eat cheetos and watch bad reality TV. So in a semi-sappy/sentimental kind of way, this represents a new era. A new, improved, happy and un-husbandless [go with it] life and living room.

Okay, enough of that junk :) Let's get to the pictures, yesssss. Those spider mums were an unexpected gift from a certain boy. Just in time to add a little flair to my new room. Thanks, boo. No really, here we go...

Everybody now....ooooohhhh, aaaaaaahhhhh. Isn't this the happiest living room you ever did see?
[If I was being critical, I would say that I probably need some kind of window treatment in here. But for now, I'm loving to light-brightness of this set up.]

Hey cuties. You adorable shutters and you spunky fabric art, you.

DIY ottoman. With a picture-frame/fabric-turned-tray. XOXO. And you'll notice that these couches are white. So long, black darkness. Hellooooo, cheapo slipcovers from IKEA. And by cheapo, I mean two for the price of one divided by two [on ebay, honey].

Oh happy day. You can't totally see it, but there's a sofa table behind the couch. I'm loving this. It gives the room some depth and it's just three pieces of wood. [a la TDC]

And of course, the details make this room. I made the black and white pillow [and subsequently decided that pillow-making with a sewing machine that's on the fritz is not.for.me] and the green ruffly one I got for approx. $12 at TJ Maxx. Oh yes I did.

One more time...

Yay :)


  1. It's so wonderfully fresh & bright!! and I'm going to make that behind the sofa table TODAY! :) I must have it! Great job Page.

  2. That looks so awesome, I am so happy for you! Enjoy!

  3. Oh my word! That is beautiful...it looks like it came out of a magazine! You're hired. ;)

  4. Finally, the REVEAL!! It is as beautiful as I anticipated! Great job!!!

  5. Nice! Like the fabric wall art!


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