Wednesday, October 13, 2010

vinyl lunchbags

You know the roll of vinyl (think outdoor table cloth) that you find at the fabric store? What ever could you do with that? I know, I know! ;)

Make a lunch bag!

Cut two pieces that are about 10x26. Fold each piece in half (so now it's 10x13) and pin the two pieces together. The folded ends will be the top of the bag. Sew along the two sides and the bottom.
PS: Having the oilcloth on the inside and outside makes it easy to wipe down. We love easy.

After you sew it together, jimmy it so that the side seams are lined up [the same way you'd fold a pair of pants with a seam.]

The bottom will make a diamond shape, so line those seams up as well.

At each tip of the diamond, draw a line where it measures 2.5 inches across. Then sew across this line.

Cut the corners off and you're done! Just turn it inside out!

You could use velcro for closure, but I like clothespins because you have a place to put your name. Because you know those people in your office will throw away an unclaimed lunchbag...

Do you see what I'm doing here? Making stuff to sell to teachers? :)

I love how easy and cute these are. And you can make all different sizes: one for you, one for your little, one for snacks to toss in a diaper bag. Possibilities are endless, my friends. Endless.

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  1. Love this idea! Wish I had a sewing machine. :)

  2. Ohhh I like this idea so much better! I made a bunch this weekend with oil cloth ... but 1. it's expensive 2. I don't think it's "strong" enough to hold its shape! Yay - I'll be copying!

  3. Very pretty, these would make great gifts!

  4. Um.... so cute! Adding to my "ideas to try" file. Thanks for sharing. By the way, which fabric store did you pick this up from? That print is adorable.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I try to do a's lunches waste free, and use a lot of plastic containers, but sometimes they don't fit and I'm forced to use a plastic baggie. I'll be making several of these posthaste!

  6. Very crafty! I'm a new follower from Thirsty Thursdays. Please consider following me back and entering my giveaways:

  7. You definitely do have awesome projects! Really enjoyed your fall decor, and might try the pumpkins too.

    Greetings from Alaska!

  8. Love the lunch bags. Following from the blog. You have a cute blog. Hope you can follow back.
    God Bless,

  9. nice, it looks so beautiful:))...
    thanks for sharing.....
    I am your newest follower, come to visit my blogs....
    Greetings from croatia:))...

  10. I know two cousins who would love these lunch bags for stocking stuffers. Hint hint.


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