Tuesday, October 5, 2010

for my nanny dee

While my mom was here, we spent a good bit of time on our front porch - drinking coffee and enjoying the weather. And by that I mean, we planned to leave one morning at 9am, but spent three hours out there instead :) Several times, my mom mentioned that my grandmother, Delores [affectionately known as Nanny Dee] would love the porch.

For as long as I can remember, my Nanny represented a love for flowers and birds and rocking chairs and walks through the woods and "making memories." I can't wait for her to come and sit on our front porch with me, but until then, here's a tour...

Fall has come to Charleston! Don't pay too much attention to the Welcome planter to the left of the door. It's a bad week for those [dead] flowers.

I made this with a grapevine wreath from HL, some feather picks and some burlap scraps. Happy Fall!

Aren't these the cutest scarecrows you ever did see?

I found this planter at a thrift store and painted it yellow. Impatiens loooove my front porch.

Hooray for fresh herbs! Some of these aren't cooperating [i.e. rosemary and cilantro] but everything else has really taken off. From seeds, thankyouverymuch. We built this table out of an old shutter and some standard legs that we found at Lowe's. The purple bench is a gift from my Papa [he built it for me in college, so I could reach the top shelf of my dorm room closet]

How adorable is this windchime? My in-laws brought it back last summer after a trip to Texas. It's some kind of shell, I think, and makes the prettiest sound.

The sitting spot. These rocking chairs were a steal at a local antique store and I made the pillows. The two frames hold some clearance fabric, with sketches of sailboats. LOVE it.

Welcome :)

The porch might just be my favorite feature of this house. It's so deep and cozy and charming. Let me just get my sweet tea and one of these things and I'll be good.to.go.


  1. Thanks for mentioning your Nanny. My grandmother always loved to sit on her front porch, rock in her chair and watch the cars go by. I had forgotten about that, so you brought back memories for me!

  2. I lose so much time just sitting on my front porch....I love just sitting there, rocking, too....and having a cup of coffee or a glass of soda. Sometimes, I think it's kinda sad that people don't sit on their front porches much anymore. Seems like everyone is in such a rush. Glad to have found another porch-sitter.

    Visiting from Common Grounds' Fall Porch Party.


  3. I have porch envy!
    New follower from Not So Homemade!

  4. How wonderful to set on the porch and just enjoy relaxing and the weather, and the goodness of Fall. It's wonderful that you and your mom had that opportunity! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!


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