Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bible bling and a question for YOU

First, in unrelated news, I'm trying to enjoy the weather with my windows open but the neighbor's dog is barking in a way that is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Yikes.

Now for the task at hand: Monday night, we were at bible study and I noticed that my bible cover was looking a little rough around the edges. Literally. It is a product of my less patient, less experienced sewing machine days and it needed to be replaced. [And yes, I was paying attention during bible study. Cross my heart.] Thanks to a few spare minutes and some Hobby Lobby fabric scraps, we have ourselves a snazzy little facelift...


Now for my question. My mom works at an elementary school and she offered to take some of the goods I've been making to the teacher's lounge after Thanksgiving to see if any of it would sell. What you don't know is that I've been sewing my little heart out. I just didn't want to bore you with one iPhone case or headband after another :) But now I have some things to ask you:

1. If you walked by a table of sewn accessories, what would you buy for yourself?
2. If you walked by a table of sewn accessories, what would you buy for a friend/mom/sister/daughter?
3. If you walked by a table of sewn accessories, what would you buy for your child's teacher as a Christmas gift?
4. If you were/are a teacher, what types of sewn accessories would you like pulling out of our bag each morning? [i.e. I currently have a few notebooks/planners, but I'm not sure if that's a sought-after item]

Alright friends, help a sister out. As a little incentive, I'll randomly pick a commenter and feature your blog next week. Pinky swear! :)


  1. I have no blog and zero creativity but here are my thoughts
    I'd probably buy a tote/purse of some kind. I've actually got a sewn purse with UGA fabric and some red and black on it I LOVE for football season. I'd also buy a tote bag that you would carry books in to the beach or something.. I'm thinking like a Vera Bradley but less puffy and thick. I'd buy these for friends and if I had a kid for their teacher. I love those headbands for babies that have the flower on them that sticks up. I think its cute for babies.

  2. For children, doll dresses; for a sister/ apron or medium/large tote if super cute fabrics, same for myself....Can you give some more ideas to choose from?
    Oh, maybe a glasses/sunglasses case?

  3. I think a scarf or an apron would be fun. Pencil rolls for kids, just a few more thoughts. Best of luck!

    Heather :)

  4. I want a cute cover for my purse kleenex that will do better knocking around in my purse than the little plastic bag they come it. Some things like that for feminine products would also be nice. Love you! I am so pleased that you are sewing! And the Bible cover IS adorable! Happy Day to you!

  5. For myself (a teacher) or another adult, I'd get a tote bag or maybe a reusable sleeve for a coffee cup, like the kind they sell in coffee shops.

    For my daughter, maybe a drawstring bag for her toys with smaller parts or some cute hair bows or headbands.

    Love your blog, your style, and your writing. Keep up the good work!

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  7. 4.If I was a teacher (for little kids) I would definably buy the crayon roll ups maybe with a pad of paper in there. 2. For my mother and bestfriend I would buy the bible covers (really thinking about doing one for her for Christmas!). I sadly dont know if you could call them bible covers and sell them at a school but maybe book covers? 3. for my child's teacher I would maybe do a classroom goody box covered in fabric and really cute. 1. I second the bag idea. I would love a new purse or handbag! One and four are reversed sorry my brain is on a crying baby. Newest follower from Buzz on by Thursday. Your blog is very cute! Feel free to stop on by and follow me back :)

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  9. I would be attracted to trendy sorts of fabrics like you did on your bible. I think any sort of handbag organisers would be great for gifts to buy for someone else.

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  11. I love almost anything hand sewn w/ a monogram! Especially little purses for little girls!

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  12. I like purses or tote bags.

    I found you through "buzz on by thursday" through Sunny Bug's blog.

    I have become a follower. I can't wait to see what all you make!

  13. I love the aprons you make! And I also really like placemats with matching napkins - fairly easy as they require mostly hemming. And good fabric selection, which you're all over. And I like nice towels for the bathroom. Does this help???

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  15. That is adorable, for sure! Sorry about the barking dog. I feel your pain. My neighbors have a small dog that barks constantly. Super annoying!

  16. We have the same dilemma! We are sewing items to sell for our Orphan Ministry and you are welcome to check it out. We are having a huge Holiday Gift Market (fancy title for Craft Show) in November and are really trying to come up with more ideas. As a former teacher, I agree that anything monogrammed is super fun and notebooks with fun covers are always useful.

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