Monday, October 4, 2010

weekend recap: motherly love

As expected, I had a perfect weekend with my mom. I didn't take any good pictures of us while she was here, but picture a tall, pretty, smiley lady and you'll be good to go. We ate a lot, drank a lot of coffee, walked a lot and just enjoyed the beautiful weekend. And she brought me this gorgeous vase from Hawaii, where my parents went for their anniversary trip last month:

You can't tell from this picture but it's an iridescent purple with splashes of blue and green. It's so pretty! That mom, she's so thoughtful.

One item on the agenda while she was here was to visit the Habitat Restore. She's heard me talking about ours for months, but she hasn't experienced the joy of shopping in one. I changed that for her :) It's been a while since I've been and they've since reorganized and put a lot more out. Um, wow.

This beautiful carafe was only $0.50. I'm going to use it for olive oil.

Can you believe this mirror? I've been looking for something to put on top of the dresser in the guest bedroom and I think this is perfect. I might spraypaint it white because it's a little dark for my taste, but it's so gorgeous! And only $2.

Christmas stuff was already out. Yessss. Here we have 17 feet of garland and a bag of bells. All for about $3.

Be still my beating heart. I love, love, LOVE this vase. And it goes perfect with some flowers I picked up from Hobby Lobby for our bedroom. That's the current room on my list, so stay tuned for the big reveal in the coming weeks.

I hope your weekend was as good as mine! Did you find anything good? I think I've convinced my mom that shopping at thrift stores/Goodwill/Habitat is the way to go.

Sorry, Dad :)


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  2. I love the current color of the mirror!!! But then again, you're the fan of white, and I'm the fan of antiqued metals, so you do you. :) How big is that carafe? It totally looked tiny--but that's exciting that it's big enough for olive oil! It's gorgeous!

    I need to plan another trip down there so we can go to the thrift stores again, because for whatever reason, thrift stores in your area seem to be a bit better than in mine... ;-D

  3. I love thrift store shopping! It is like a treasure hunt every time! Those are beautiful! Stopping by to say thanks for linking up at Making Friends Monday! I am now following you. If you havent already be sure to check out my giveaways ending this week. I look forward to reading more from you!


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