Wednesday, August 11, 2010

autumn day dreams

Don't judge me. Yes, it's not even the middle of August and I'm already thinking about fall. Yes, I know the temperature probably won't even dip below 70 degrees [but the humidity will be gone, hollerrr!] Yes, I know that the official first-day-of-fall is more than a month away. And yes, I know that picture is blurry but it's before I knew how to use a camera.


I'm so excited, I want to talk about it NOW. For the last 3 weeks, I've purchased something every time I wandered into Goodwill with my fall tablescape/mantel in mind. Sue me. I love it :)

The first fall I had my very own abode, we were living in the cutest apartment ever, The Boy had just gotten laid off and we lacked the dolla dolla billz. I got that wreath for $7 at HomeGoods, splurged on a Yankee Candle and called it good. The second fall, we were in the middle of moving and I don't even remember the leaves turning. And now here we are: settled, semi-stable and in loooove with this Charleston rental. I have my very first dining room table. I have my very first front porch. I have my very first [legit] craft room. We are in for a wild ride.

I'm forcing myself to wait until September 1 to break out the big [hot glue] guns, but I'm saving my mad money for a trip to Hobby Lobby to rack up on the goods. [!!!!!!!!!] In preparation, here's some inspiration I've been eyeing for the last few weeks:

How cute are these? You could totally coordinate your entire table with just a few stamps. Love it.

One of my most favorite things about our house is our front porch. This would look A-dorable out there.

I'm totally copying this. Every single part of it.

Purple, is that you? YOU can decorate with my favorite color appropriately!!

Easy peasy. Are you kidding me? I love how subtle it is. Perfect for the handful [read: 8] pieces of glass candleware I've purchased in the last few weeks.

I'm DYING. The littlebittycutielittle acorns are SO me.

All of that wonderfulness comes straight from the Hostess with the Mostess. Thanks, Marty.
[You're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiraaaation]

Totally kidding. Sort of.


  1. Girrrrrl, I am WITH you!! I can't wait!!

  2. I adore fall... I actually made the corn Martha wreath last year... here's my link if you'd like to check it out:

  3. I'm glad someone out there is as crazy as me. I brought all my October Issues of Country Living (I save them year to year) as reading materail to the pool last week!


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